Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Bombshelles Pastries – The Gourmet of Gluten Free was founded in 2016 by Wan Steinert, a licensed professional skin specialist and with over 10 years of experience in the beauty industry.

When you consult with Wan Steinert for better looking skin, the focus is to obtain as much information as possible about your beauty regimen, daily habits, and diet, in order to find possible corrections to your skin concerns and problems. And often a wrong diet is the culprit of “bad” skin.

Years of dedication to skin treatment consultations has led Wan to recognize that what prevents women from having healthy and clear skin is often due to environmental influences, and their nutrition; and gluten is a common protein found in the diet of those with certain skin problems. 
You may be able to hide skin imperfections with the use of topical creams and makeup, but you cannot hide the signs of an unhealthy diet such as inflammation due to gluten sensitivity.

Wan Steinert baking
a delicious crustless quiche
“I consider all my beauty services to be of gourmet quality. I use the best quality ingredients, deliver visibly healthy results, and make people feel their best. But when quality of service is not enough, we must find out the quality of the client’s diet., and often, many people have one thing in common: poor diet. Not enough water intake, too much sugar, lack of vitamins and minerals, allergic reaction to certain foods, and inflammation caused by gluten containing foods.“

Healthy living is about harmony. Harmony in thoughts, intentions, and actions. It’s about having a close relationship with our nurturing mother Earth. In return, we live happier and healthier lives. When you eat well, your body performs in harmony and in turn, your skin glows.
It is based on this harmony between body, Earth, and healthy eating habits that Wan Steinert dedicates her free time to cooking and mastering delicious baked goods without gluten.

Wan Steinert ‘ s appreciation for fine baking has led her to the creation of Bombshelles – The Gourmet of Gluten Free, to deliver delicious and indulging treats, but without the gluten.

Do you ever wish for healthy and flawless skin?
If you are showing signs of skin problems such as dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, and other skin disturbances, you
may benefit from a gluten free diet. Research has shown that intestinal disorders such as Celiac disease, when
exposed to gluten, can start a cascade of inflammatory responses, therefore forming antibodies that are brought
to the skin which form unsightly lesions.

*Drink plenty of water to get rid of metabolic waste and keep your dermis hydrated - that prevents wrinkles.
*Protect your skin from the sun by wearing sunscreens when exposed to strong sun rays.
*Get plenty of sunshine in the early hours of the day to ensure enough production of vitamin D. Eczema is directly
related to the lack of vitamin D.
*Eat plenty of lycopene containing fruit and vegetables, like tomatoes and blueberries. 

Lycopene protects yourskin from sun damage by eliminating free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays.
*Get regular microdermabrasions to get rid of surplus skin that clogs your pores, thus causing blackheads.
*Pay attention to your facial expressions. Frowning your forehead, for instance, will add 10 years to your looks.
Relax! :)
*In general, be content and show gratitude to decrease stress and the responsive inflammation that it causes.

Please talk to your doctor to find out if a gluten free diet is good for you.