“I love fine sweets so much that I feel everybody should have access to them, even if you choose or need to eat gluten-free. After alL gluten is not a necessary nutrient or baking ingredient” - Michael Steinert.
What is the story behind Bombshelles brand?
Coming from a family of Germans and Italians, my husband grew up eating traditional homemade European pastries, and developed a love of baking and continued eating the things he loves. Michael has also become a connoisseur of fine gourmet pastries by visiting fine
patisseries throughout the US, which by the way were too few and far between.
A problem he has found by visiting these really good places is that they don’t offer gluten free versions that have the same flavor due to the intricate nature of gluten-free baking which
requires understanding of chemistry reactions or the lack thereof in food preparation, and much practice.
In the late 2000s when Michael Steinert found himself having to quit his constant-traveling job and finding another one that would permit him to have a better quality of life and health, he had the idea to innovate the gluten free industry by formulating gluten free bakery desserts that would not compromise the heavenly taste of high end European pastries.

Our product eliminates the need to place two different orders for your guests.

What is a Bombshelle?
Bombshelle is an European style pastry designed to innovate the gluten free food industry.
We make our own Vanilla extract using grade A Bourbon Vanilla beans.

What is a Bombshelle made out of?
Bombshelles is a light non-gluten pastry filled with a homemade vanilla custard, topped with
a fine dark chocolate ganache.
* We use pure organic cane sugar.
* No corn syrup
* No preservatives
* No food coloring
* No peanuts
* No wheat flour

Is Bombshelles lactose free?
No. Bombshelles pastries are filled with a custard cream prepared using fat free milk, butter, heavy cream, and condensed milk.

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